Cool Clix Acquisition

Two beauties acquired from my local gaming convention.


(Just check out that Star-Lord fig for size comparison!)

However, while Brainiac’s ship is a true beast, it’s the Kree Supreme Intelligence that gives me the willies…




Imperial Guard Mods: Warstar

I’ve always dug Marvel’s Imperial Guard.

1 07imperial-guard

Though an homage to DC’s Legion of Super-Heroes (a comic I could never get into), they are still cool characters–especially those Wizkids haven’t clixed yet!

I’m on a mission to fix this, scouring past releases for mod-able clix; characters suitable for the likes of Fang, or Hobgoblin, or Magique. Recently I had a brainstorm–sadly, not one for an unclixed character, but for one that’s so far been unattainable:

Warstar #048!

4warstar copy 22whizshiar

Though suitably executed, I find he looks a bit small, and when I go to purchase him, a whole lot expensive!  Then it hit me; a cheaper alternative–one that would be an easy mod; one easily–cheaply–attainable:

Detroit Steel #020!

5 31a053e4ac1fc257ed56da7bcba677c--iron-man-detroit copy

Chop-off a few bits here and there, and presto:

6Detroit Steel copy

Minus the spiffy chrome-green, and it’s getting pretty close:

3th_warstar copyNext, I needed to scrounge-up a B’nee to my C’cil…then I remembered a collection I’d relegated to the “not-quite-right” box:

Marvel Battle Dice–specifically, the grossly undersized Sentinel (I’ve circled him in yellow ‘cos he is sooooo tiny):


But in this instance, tiny is good…


       (Please pardon the cluttered workbench…)

So, after some adjustments to the front, sides, and back of ol’ Detroit…



…and I’ve got a pretty good mod going:


And it even looks swell in the size-comparison department:


So, after a bit of painting (and mind you, I’m not as flash as some out there), I’ve got a modded-clix I’m satisfied with:

14IMG_0532 (2) copy

15IMG_0533 (1) copy

16IMG_0534 (1)

17IMG_0535 (1)

18IMG_0530 (2) copy

19IMG_0556 copy 2

Along with the rest of the gang…not too shabby.